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Interaction is an extremely important part of any business or job. The majority of people, however, are not aware of how to improve their interaction with the products and services in front of them. We would like to share with you some useful information relating to the interaction design process and best practices discussed in this article.

What is interaction design ?

Basically, interaction design is the creation of user and product interactions. Additionally, Interface design is usually associated with software such as applications or websites.. Moreover, interaction design seeks to create products that enable users to accomplish their goals as efficiently as possible.

Every interaction in the business world is an option for the business to attract a customer. Moreover, it’s very important to know about interaction design and how it works. The great marketer Steve Job says that design is not only what we see but also like feelings.

According to the Interaction Design Foundation, the purpose of the interaction of Design is to make the product design like achieving customer needs.

Best Interaction Design Foundation services

UIXteam is one of the top interaction design foundations that work on UIUX. Additionally, the UIXteam team is dedicated to providing powerful designs that achieve the clients’ results. The team iteratively develop, prototype, and evaluate software user interfaces from concept to implementation using a highly collaborative methodology based on human-centered design principles. Additionally, this team ensures the Interaction Design is effective, intuitive, and engaging for the customer. UIXteam are generalists who are capable of sketching on a range of technical ability and knowledge in the field of interaction design and prototyping.

To begin, UIXTeam analyses the customer product or service to decide how it performs and what purpose activities the customer website may have. However, the team determines to understand the brand’s target and how to engage with them. Finally, we figure out what the visitors predict when they visit your website, so the team tries to make the customer journey as smooth as possible.

UIXTeam follow for interaction design

Although UX and interaction design are related, excellent interaction design is practically impossible to perform without strong UX.Thus, interaction design can be considered as a subset of UX design.

Design driven by goals

Goal driven design is a design approach that prioritizes problem solving over anything else. Furthermore, interaction design is designed to complete the unique wants and preferences of the individual who will use the product, and this methodology emphasizes achieving that goal.

A good user interface

Usability is a requirement for successful interface design, and Learnability means how easy it is for a new user. To learn how to use the interface. The most important thing is efficiency, which is how quickly users can complete tasks. However, the error rate is how many errors users make while interacting with the UI, and error recovery is four factors that directly affect Usability. Additionally, usability may be evaluated by measuring the time taken to complete a task and the overall satisfaction level.

Ergonomics perspective

The UIXteam (interaction design foundation) uses physiological concepts to make the valuable design. Moreover, The purpose of this procedure is to eliminate human error, boost productivity, and improve interaction protection.  According to this rule, the amount of time it takes to swiftly reach a target area is a function of its distance and width. Additionally, it can also be used when the element is virtually touched using a pointing device, as well as when it is physically touched.

Emotional responses

The designer of UIXTeam must build a design that inspires consumers to have clear emotional responses. Additionally, interaction designers are aware that emotional responses of users  influence in various aspects. All kinds of color palettes, typography, and animations can have an emotional effect on a person.

Iterations of the design

There are different solutions that designers could find when faced with a single interaction challenge. If you really want to minimize the number of design alternatives you have to test them out on actual people. Unfortunately, not every interaction design assumption holds up to scrutiny. To come up with a new solution, designers must often go back to the drawing board. As a result, interface design is almost always an iterative process rather than a straight-forward.

Major benefits of Interaction design 

Interaction design is a moderately new addition to the design industry. Additionally, it wasn’t until the screen was capable of holding more than just inert material that released. It can be defined as the interaction between a user and a product in simple terms.

Interaction design aims to build efficient and optimized products that help people reach their ultimate goal efficiently and effectively. Moreover, designers have to use various tools and methodologies to solve real-world problems and make their clients’ lives easier.

A clear line of communication 

One of the most important advantages of user interaction design is that it aids in clear communication with users. However, IXD incorporates both visual and verbal features, and its good usage in design allows you to communicate more effectively with your audience. Instead of writing lots of words on a mobile app, use symbols that users understand. Additionally, just put a call to action on the screen without overcrowding it.

UX design complements

IxD is not just a  design, but it also works with user experience design. Additionally, interaction designers generally follow UX design practices. An interface designer’s purpose is to choreograph the interaction between the product and the user to improve the user experience. Furthermore, even though interaction design is a subset of user experience design, not all interface designers are also UX designers. On the other hand, an interaction designer understands user experience design, which helps them create better designs for target audiences.

Spend less time and money 

Another significant advantage of interface design is saving both time and money. Further, interaction design isn’t just a theory you apply once a design’s done. The designer puts it through a series of tests to ensure that it achieves its aim and is simple and easy to use. Additionally, IxD estimates how long it will take to complete the project and how many resources require. However, removing the experimental features that are frequently failing also saves time.

Reaction on an emotional level 

The goal of interaction design is to generate an emotional response from consumers. Moreover, research has suggested that successful design may influence user impressions regarding usability. There are many designers, for example, who already rely on color to evoke emotional responses from their audience. Similarly, you may read your audience to figure out what kind of material would generate an emotional reaction from them and improve the user experience.

In my view, it is important to emphasize the fact that digital design is a conversion process. Furthermore, this is a conversation between a machine and a person. There is nothing more pleasant than interacting seamlessly with a product, but this can only happen when interaction designers get it right.


Wahidul Islam Murad

Senior User Experience Designer

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